Mr. Reg Harvey

Curriculum Vitae

QUALIFICATIONS: B.Sc. (Chemistry) University of Melbourne

Completed courses in:

  • Wet end chemistry (TAPPI)
  • Management development
  • Consulting engineering management
  • HAZOP analysis
  • Chemical pulping and bleaching (soda, magnafite, kraft)
  • Water conservation
  • Commissioning
  • Secondary fibre pulping, de-inking
  • Process plant audits
  • Effluent treatment
  • Computer modelling of industrial processes and plant


1991 – Present Covey Consulting Process Manager
1967 – 1990 Associated Pulp and Paper Mills – Burnie Mill

(now Australian Paper)

1990 : Senior Technical Officer – Pulp Mill
1989 : Senior Technical Officer – Environmental Operations
1986 : Process Engineer – DARS project
1982 : Senior Technical Officer – Pulping
1977 : Process Engineer – BME project
1975 : Mill Chemist – Paper Mill. New qualities, colour
1972 : Mill Chemist – Environmental Investigations
1967 : Mill Chemist – Pulping
1964 – 1966 Australian Paper Manufacturers – Maryvale Mill Technical Department Chemist


Covey Consulting

  • Aluminates – Tasmania
    • Review of H2SO4/SO3 emission problems.
  • Australian Cement Holdings – Railton works
    • Feasibility study for new cement additive
    • Review of greenhouse gas offsets
    • Trials on use of waste gypsum
    • Review of process variability
    • Greenhouse emissions documentation
  • Australian Paper – Burnie
    • Process design of proposed slotted screen installation.
    • Control of odour from effluent clarifier.
    • Control of residual aluminium in filtered water.
    • Dynamic simulation of pulp bleaching.
    • Fibre loss audit.
    • Strategic review of pulp mill options.
    • Preparation of training manuals for pulp mill.
  • APPM Burnie
    • Preparation of training manuals for Pulp Mill.
  • Australian Paper – Maryvale
    • Work on various major hazard facility items, including ClO2 plant, chlorine handling, bleach plant and digesters.
  • Australian Paper – Shoalhaven
    • Commissioning of waste paper plant upgrade.
    • Water conservation studies.
    • Preparing P&I diagrams for whole mill.
    • Survey to quantify sources of BOD emissions.
    • Review of spent liquor recovery furnace operation.
    • Mass balance – de-inking plant.
    • Costing and design of proposed fine screening installation.
    • Design and costing of additional through flow cleaners installation.
  • Australian Paper – Wesley Vale
    • Process design of air compressors cooling system.
  • Burnie City Council
    • Review and optimisation of water treatment plant pH control.
    • Review of process options for anaerobic digester.
    • Review of copper corrosion.
    • Control of residual manganese from water treatment plant.
  • CSIRO – Land and Water Division
    • Feasibility study for production of a novel bulk chemical.
  • David Mitchell Ltd
    • Supply of quicklime to APPM Burnie mill.
  • Fibertech
    • Advice on hardboard dewatering.
  • Kimberly-Clark Australia
    • Process engineering work for Tantanoola Pulp Mill project – design, commissioning, optimisation.
    • Dynamic modelling of steam system.
    • Review of Millicent and Tantanoola water usage.
    • Survey of colour emissions to effluent.
    • Optimisation of TMP plant decker performance.
    • Process engineering work for Tantanoola pitch extraction project – design and commissioning.
  • Pasminco Mining – Rosebery
    • Investigation of performance of NOx scrubber
  • Visy
    • Process design of turpentine handling system – Tumut mill.
  • West Coast Transport
    • Investigation of cool store heat exchanger corrosion.

Associated Pulp and Paper Mills

  • Direct Alkali Recovery System (DARS) – process engineering work, shift supervision during commissioning, operator training
  • Development of dynamic modelling program of plant.
  • Process engineering and commissioning work for the Burnie soda pulp mill expansion program (mainly in recaust, lime kiln, pulp screening and bleaching).
  • Liquid effluent and air pollution surveys.
  • Setting up environmental monitoring and reporting system.
  • Air pollution surveys.
  • Paper quality control and development of alkaline paper grades.
  • General work in cold soda plant.
  • General work in stock preparation, wet end, additives areas.
  • Investigation of sources of mercury loss in chlor-alkali plant.
  • Development, installation and commissioning of titanium anodes project in chlor-alkali plant.
  • Assistance with Wesley Vale commissioning (fibre losses, effluent surveys).

Australian Paper Manufacturers – Maryvale

  • Development of pulp viscosity test methods
  • Odour control investigations
  • Shift Inspector – paper quality