Mr. Peter Brett

Curriculum Vitae

QUALIFICATIONS: Associate Diploma Electrical Engineering (RMIT, 1972)
Master of Engineering (Systems Engineering) (RMIT, 1987)
AFFILIATIONS: Member Institution of Engineers (Aust)
Member & former chair and committee member, Australian Institute of Energy
Melbourne Branch
Peter’s expertise spans all aspects of electrical engineering from distribution to drives. He is particularly knowledgeable about variable speed drives and energy reduction. Peter is well experienced in supervising capital projects and can provide a full package from design through to installation
  • ETRS Lead Auditor for ISO 9001
  • CPR & EAR
  • Confined Space access (MMBW)
  • Electrical & instrument equipment earthing, shielding & protection
  • HV Operator training (SECV)
  • Energy management (various)
  • Change agent for MMBW, MWC and YVW.
  • Mainpac expertise


2007 – Present Covey Consulting Electrical Engineer
1998 – 2000 SPI PowerNet Ltd. Manager Technical services
1993 – 1998 Yarra Valley Water Ltd Electrical Engineer
1989 – 1993 Mechanical & Electrical Field Services (a branch of the MMBW) Marketing Manager
1984 – 1989 MMBW Mechanical and Electrical Field Services Branch Electrical Field Services Engineer
1972 – 1989 A.P.M. Fairfield Mill Electrical Design Engineer


Covey Consulting

  • Energy reduction projects utilising Variable Speed drives (415 volt systems)
  • Energy usage survey of three-phase motors.  Recommendations for action
  • Water treatment facility electrics and instrumentation integrated with ABB DCS replacement project.
  • System fault level studies on 415 volt distribution and 3.3 kV motor protection & switchgear.
  • Numerous electrical & instrumentation capital works installations and commissioning.
  • Electrics for water pumping station

SPI PowerNet Ltd.

  • Managed electrical and chemical testing laboratory serving the Victorian electricity generation, transmission and distribution industry.
  • Manage adherence to ISO 9002 accreditation and retention of NATA certification.
    Direct involvement in electrical testing of major plant assets including transformers and motors.

Yarra Valley Water Ltd

  • Facilitate contracting-out of electrical maintenance
  • Facilitate business process reengineering of Yarra Valley Water.
  • Manage electrical, instrumentation and SCADA issues in the design construction and commissioning of new water and waste water pumping stations and treatment plants.
  • Introduce VVVF variable speed drives widely for pressure-controlled & energy-efficient water pumping stations
  • Introduce PLC systems in direct communication with SCADA system host for remote monitoring and control of pumping stations to reduce design, construction and commissioning costs.
  • Reduce and rationalise Telstra land-line communications links to reduce costs.
  • Introduce low-power UHF links to increase reliability & reduce costs
  • Relocate and re-commission high-voltage, transportable electricity substations between sites.
  • Manage the interface with the electricity supply authority for high-voltage operations.
  • Manage all activities of the Electrical Services group, providing installation and maintenance work to the Board’s parks, gardens, depots, buildings and construction sites
  • Manage new electrical installations
  • Perform project estimating, scheduling, cost control, co-ordination

A.P.M. Fairfield Mill

  • Manage multi-disciplinary electrical installation works:  design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of new electrical equipment to support the paper-making, power and steam generation and water treatment processes in the mill.
  • Manage maintenance of and modifications to Mill communications systems (radio, telephones, etc.)
  • Major projects during this time included the design, supervising, installation, test and commissioning of:
    • Modifications to gas-fired boiler supervisory systems and steam turbine-alternator controls;
    • Machine roll stall protection systems;
    • Paper machine drive tension control systems (ASEA/Harland equipment);
    • Paperboard machine winder electric/hydraulic system.
    • Automatic conveyor electrical equipment;
    • Variable speed drives installation;
    • Energy conservation projects mill-wide;
    • Redesign and refurbish 3.3 kV switchgear for new H.V. motor installations;
    • Mill-wide computer system cabling installations;
    • Automatic closed-loop control of mill electricity import to plant;
    • Design of automatic backwashing system for turbine condensers.
    • Mill maximum demand load control system;
    • Power Factor correction equipment (1.25 MVAr 11 kV); Design, call tenders for, supervise installation of and commission:
    • electrics for automatic shrink-wrapping line;
    • power plant centralised control room to operate three boilers and two turbine-alternators;
    • waste paper plant rebuild;
    • steam boiler drum level indicating system (self-checking). This later attracted commercial interest;
    • Improve large motor protection and switchgear throughout the mill (3.3kV/415 volt and variable speed D.C. drive motors).

Kimberley Clark Canada, Terrace Bay (Ontario, Canada)
Projects ranged from chemical recovery boiler modifications through pulp preparation, lapped pulp machine to the stud mill lines.