Mr. Alan Eagle

Curriculum Vitae

Post Graduate studies, Institute of Paper Chemistry
AFFILIATIONS: Member, Institute of Engineers, Australia
  • In depth knowledge of NSSC and kraft pulping, kraft pulp bleaching and environmental management, principally undertaken at Australian Paper’s Maryvale Mill in Victoria Australia. Also worked at a Kraft pulp mill in Terrace Bay Ontario Canada, and at an NSSC pulp mill in Tasmania.
  • Major plant upgrades, particularly in relation to technology to minimise environmental impacts, community liaison and obtaining environmental permits. This included a $290 million installation of a new paper machine in 1997 and a $250 million pulping and bleaching upgrade in 2005-06.
  • Environmental Management. For 10 years principal liaison with state Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), and for operation of community based environmental consultative committees. His success in this role can be gauged from the absence of community opposition to all development proposals in the fifteen years of his involvement.
  • Played a key role in having the Maryvale Mill site externally certified to the environmental management standard ISO 14000 in 2001, and designated management representative for the system for the period 2001-2007.


2010-Present Covey Consulting Associate
1997-2007 Australian Paper Environment Manager Maryvale Mill
1985-1997 Amcor Paper Division Technical Manager – Pulp (Maryvale)
1984-1985 Study leave Institute of Paper Chemistry
1983-1984 APM roduction Manager NSSC
1981-1983 APM Technical Supt NSSC mill (Maryvale)
1979 Kimberly Clark Canad Pulp mill process engineer (Terrace Bay mill)
1977-1978 APM Technical Superintendent Port Huon (NSSC) Mill
1976 APM Process Engineer Maryvale NSSC Mill
1974-1975 APM Process Engineer Maryvale Batch Kraft Mill/Bleach Plant


  • Odour reduction program and investigations leading to installation of an emergency flare for odorous gases (1992-93)
  • Community consultation, Environmental Management system certification and management, project environmental reviews, and environmental auditing of company sites.
  • Re-designed Maryvale Mill bleach sequence in the early 90’s, eliminating dioxin emission, and substantially reducing effluent volumes and chlorinated compound discharge (lead member design team).
  • Represented Maryvale Mill in a range of external community and professional forums (1990-2007).
  • Sponsor and technical liaison representative for studies into catalytic wet oxidation processes for effluent and odour treatment by the CSIRO 2000 -2003.
  • Managed biological monitoring studies of the receiving environment for effluent discharges to the local river from Maryvale Mill (1988 – 2007)
  • Member of team, and development of concepts for GLOX (green liquor oxidation) plant upgrade – 2001.
  • Totally responsible for site EPA liaison 1988 – 2002.
  • Member of company environmental group auditing other company manufacturing sites (1997 – 2001).
  • Management of site analytical laboratory 1988-1995 and 2003-2006
  • Represented APM in governmental inquiry into effluent disposal and achieved successful outcome. Managed follow up programs and reporting 1989 – 1992.
  • Part of team involved in troubleshooting and successfully upgrading boiler water treatment and steam condensates systems – 1986-87.
  • Involvement in company research into tree breeding and pulp property assessments 1986 – 1994, leading to development of relationships between growing sites and pulp properties (tear index).
  • Successfully represented APM in court on three occasions associated with odour complaints (1989, 1989, 1996). On all occasions fines were avoided.
  • Development of a proposal for installation of an oxygen delignification process – 1993
  • Manager of the NSSC pulpmill and woodyard (approximately 80 personnel) 1983/84.
  • Developed concepts and implemented plant changes that allowed vastly increased use of recycled chemicals (oxidised green liquor). (1982/83)
  • Development of operating procedures and training of operators in NSSC pulping and chemical preparation 1982/83.
  • Successfully ‘troubleshot’ NSSC chemical preparation plant and reduced chemical plant outages and production restrictions from being the major source of lost production to being negligible, without major capital expense – 1981-83


  • Environmental Audit Workshop (2001) with ongoing involvement in environmental audits.
  • Intermediate and advanced Microsoft Access training – August 2002, 2003. Subsequent development of three new databases which have become key to the operation of the sites EMS.
  • Very competent in Microsoft Excel and Word.



  • Control of a Sulphur Dioxide absorber by pH – A Eagle, G Howe. Appita Vol 38 No 2 Mar 85.
  • A Kinetic Study of High Yield AQ-Sulphite Pulping of Loblolly Pine – A Eagle, T McDonough. Appita Vol 41 No 2 Mar 88
  • Analysis and Optimisation of a pulp screening system – K Nguyen, A Eagle, M Van Klaveren – Appita Vol 44 No 5 Sep 91

Conference presentations:

  • Community Odour Committee – APM Maryvale 1990-92: A Eagle, P McNab. Appita Conference Proceedings 1993.
  • Liquid Phase Oxidation of Sulfide to treat foul gas: An alternate approach for Kraft Mill Odour Control – A Gosh, W Raverty, A. Eagle. 6th World Conference of Chemical Engineering September 2001
  • Catalysts for a Better Kraft Pulp Mill Environment: Alan Eagle, Manh Hoang, Keith Wilshier and Zongli Xie. Appita Conference Proceedings 200