Dr. Alan Harvey

Curriculum Vitae

QUALIFICATIONS: PhD Computer Science. Latrobe Univ.
M.Sc. Digital Systems. Univ. of Manchester.

Assoc Dip. Chemical Eng, Communications Eng.  RMIT

Image processing/computing, electronics and control systems
EMAIL: alanharvey@coveyconsulting.com.au


2007 – Present Covey Consulting Associate
1977 – 2006 RMIT Lecturer
1977 – 2005 CMPS Pty Ltd Electrical Engineer
2001 – 2005 Automatic Accessories Engineering Manager
A&R Soanar Electronic design Engineer
1999 – 2001 BP Refinery Construction Control Projects, Grangemouth Refinery, BP (UK)

Instrument Engineer, Crib Point Refinery, BP Australia

1968 – 1970 APM Ltd Control Systems Engineer


  • 2007 to present –Associate of Covey Consulting Pty Ltd
    Developemnt of
    control systems for a Spray Dryer system for applications in tailings reclamation and small scale desalination
  • 1977-2006 Lecturer – RMIT.
  • Projects in Image Processing/Computer Vision and electronic systems.  These included passenger counting, object detection in food and reading printed data blocks in image files and number plate location in vehicle photographs.  Electronic magnetic bearings finishing.
  • 1977 – 2005 – Electrical Engineer: CMPS
  • 2001 – 2005 – Engineering Manager – Automatic Accessories Pty Ltd,
  • Electronic Design EngineerA&R Soanar
  • 1999 – 2001 – Instruments & Controls Engineer – BP Pty Ltd & BP PLC
  • BP Australia work was at the Crib Point refinery, Instrumentation and control projects including electronic blending projects.  BP UK work was in refinery construction control systems at Grangemouth refinery, Scotland