Dr. Geoff Covey


He started it all. Geoff is a qualified chemical engineer and patent attorney. He has thirty years experience in technical, design and consulting roles in a wide range of industries. He specialises in solids processing and process development. In recent years his work has included the provision providing expert witness services, particularly for the minerals industry. Geoff has worked in academia and is an Associate Professor at University of Melbourne.
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Mr. Ross Patterson

Project Manager

Ross is a pulp, paper, and sawmill veteran, with decades of experience in senior engineering positions in the industry. Starting his mechanical engineering career in Darwin and Adelaide, he found his way into saw, and then pulp and paper mills, building up many OHS and compliance skills along with his continued focus on control systems, mechanics, and thermodynamics.
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Mr. Gerke Faber

Mechanical Engineering Manager

Our Engineering Manager, Gerke is a mechanical engineer who joined us in 1991 after twenty years experience in the paper industry. Gerke specialises in project management, project engineering and mechanical design. Gerke has a consummate hands-on approach to problem solving, including experience in plant troubleshooting and improvement and in setting up engineering systems of various types.
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Company Staff

Dr. Bruce Allender

General Manager

Bruce is the ultimate example of multi-skilling. With Amcor & PaperlinX for 27 years after renouncing an earlier academic career, Bruce has expert credentials in microscopy, chemical safety, environmental impact design & surveys, environmental risk, bioassay evaluation, water treatment, environmental due diligence, paper product safety, and also research and project management. Bruce also established a career in various strategic sourcing roles, principally purchasing key chemical raw materials and consumables for the paper industry as well as the procurement of outsourcing of services and manufacturing activities
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Dr. Bob Allison

New Zealand Manager

Bob is our key man in New Zealand bringing with him a distinguished record of achievement with the Forest Research Institute as a Senior Scientist and subsequently as General Manager of Forest Research at PAPRO and GM of Ensis PAPRO (the JV between Scion and CSIRO responsible for the pulp, paper and packaging business unit. Since 2008 Bob was Theme Leader-Sustainable Manufacturing with Scion for sustainability within the forest-based manufacturing sector issues and with responsibility for commercial projects. Bob’s capability in matters relating to wood and wood products and pulp and paper technology ideally equip him to be the face of Covey Consulting in New Zealand.
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Dr. Graeme Bullock

Biofuels and management specialist

Graeme joined Covey Consulting after a long career in senior positions in organisations such as Cadbury Schweppes, Sugar Research Institute, Bunge, QIW, Queensland Government Service and most recently BioIndustry Partners of which he was a founding director and chairman.

He is a chemist by training but has also has extensive experience in logistics and most aspects of management.

In recent years Graeme has concentrated on consulting on bioproducts, particularly bioenergy and products for the food industry. Recent clients have included Norske Skog, Licella and various companies in Australia, USA, Japan and South Africa.
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Mr. Reg Harvey

Process Expert

The second person to join Covey Consulting, and recently retired from full time activity. Reg has a degree in industrial chemistry and works mainly on chemical processes. He has nearly forty years experience in the paper, minerals, chemical and water industries. Reg specialises in environmental work, troubleshooting, project evaluation and commissioning. He is renowned for his attention to detail.
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Mr. Dennis Shore

Chemical Engineer and Strategic Specialist

A Chemical Engineer and Chartered Professional Engineer with extensive experience in pulp and paper manufacturing, technology, markets, project delivery and management. Specific capabilities in kraft, semi chemical and mechanical pulp; packaging papers, fine papers, newsprint and tissue sectors. Dennis is an expert in the paper recycling sector, has evaluated acquisition opportunities in Europe, Asia and the US, and successfully established a greenfield containerboard mill in the US. Dennis has first-class management, organisational, project and communication skills.
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Mr. Charlie Chan

Marketing manager and Asian Specialist

Charlie is CA qualified with audit and corporate accounting background who has progressed through overall commercial management into new business development activities and paper and recycled paper trading at general manager level. He has cross cultural abilities and significant exposure to overseas markets in North and South East Asia and North America.

Charlie speaks Malay, Indonesian, Cantonese dialect and some Mandarin as well as Oxford English! He has strong skills in the areas of project planning, commercial analysis and project costing and negotiation.
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Mr. Stephen Grist

Chemical Analyst

Wonder why your food tastes funny, or your wrapping paper smells like parmesan cheese? Ask Steve. Steve is an analytical and investigative chemist, a former Manager of Technical Services for Amcor and laboratory manager for Leeder Consulting. He has specialised in developing specialised analytical techniques and in using his analytical chemistry skills to solve operating and packaging problems. Steve has an enviable track record in solving problems of food taint, odour problems and tracing the source of deposits in manufacturing plants. Steve revels in analytical challenges. If there is a way to determine the chemistry of a problem, Steve will find it.
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Dr. Alan L Harvey

Process Engineering, Control Engineering

Alan started his career in Control Systems at Fairfield mill followed by work in oil refinery instrumentation for BP Australia and BP UK, both in control systems. He worked for A&R Soanar as an electronic design Engineer in power supplies and on return to Australia, worked for CMPS, before joining RMIT/PIT. Alan has worked expertly in Process Engineering /Computer Vision and control systems.
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Mr. Robin Johnson

Consultant Process Chemist

Robin is a chemist with over forty years experience in the pulp and paper industry. His career started in the UK and then bought him to Australia. He has held many technical and environmental management positions and has also been Senior Mill Chemist and Papermaker. His areas of expertise include recycling of fibre, effluent management and pulping and bleaching (especially of non-woods).
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Mr. David Wood

Telecommunications and Software Expert

David has worked in the utility, scientific and emergency services sectors, and understands working within the constraints of the high availability systems typically used in those industries. David’s work interests and experiences include (but are not limited to) the fields of Telecommunications, SCADA/Telemetry, Control Systems and Software Design; and he has worked in all facets of project delivery including Project Management, Technical Design and Commissioning.

David has particularly expertise in Telecommunications Engineering and has planned, designed, managed and commissioned several greenfield carrier-grade telecommunications projects incorporating various microwave radio, optical fibre and multiplexing technologies.
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Mr. Alan Eagle

Consulting Engineer

What Alan does not know about NSSC & Kraft pulping, environmental matters and management is probably not worth knowing. His experience in these areas is second to none and he has a string of achievements to go with it. Fifteen years as community liaison for Australian Paper’s Maryvale mill without any community opposition to many development proposals and as relationship manager with the EPA at Maryvale attest to his capabilities. Alan played the key role in achieving ISO 14000 certification for Maryvale and was also a key engineer in the scoping and development of the Maryvale 5 paper machine project and in the major bleaching and pulping upgrade in 2006. He has outstanding capabilities in problem analysis, identificationof the key issues, and the provision of solutions.
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Dr. Nafty Vanderhoek

Paper Technologist

Nafty is arguably the doyen of paper technologists in Australia. With expansive experience in leadership roles at Amcor Research & technology and subsequently in CSIRO he has long been recognised as a leading voice in the industry. Although Nafty labels himself as paper technologist he has expert knowledge in bleaching, paper coating and pulping (with patents to prove it). His status as an Appita Fellow and recipient of Appita’s Oertel Nadebaum Distinguished Service Award is testimony to his leadership role in the industry. Nafty is the consummate professional, with an outstanding track record in managing projects and reporting in a thorough, comprehensive and timely fashion.
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Mr. Norm Lasslett

Process and Control Systems Engineer

Norm is the nicest type of control-freak! He is a control systems specialist with over thirty years experience in optimisation, advanced process control and instrumentation systems. His range of work has included mill-wide information systems design and implementation, QC systems, neural network systems and operator training. Norm has worked for clients in Australia, USA, Germany and Ireland, mainly in the paper and brewing industries. His work in process control and optimisation is directed at bottom line improvement. More accurately described as an Information Specialist really. Norm’s exceptional skills are regularly sought for control system solutions and more recently in Energy Efficiency Opportunities Assessment. Norm’s company is Procex Pty Ltd.
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Dr. Roberto Miotti

Process and Project Engineer

Roberto has had a wealth of experience globally and in Australasia in the forest products and chemical process industries. He has literally worked just about everywhere and his accumulated knowledge and his track record of delivering on a wide range of projects is second to none.

Mr. Peter Brett

Electrical Engineer

Peter has qualifications in electrical and systems engineering and his expertise spans all aspects of electrical engineering from distribution to drives. He is particularly knowledgeable about variable speed drives and energy reduction. Peter is well experienced in supervising capital projects and can provide the full package from design through to installation
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