Pulp & Paper

With many of our people having a background in the pulp and paper industry, it has always been a major part of our business.
We have undertaken projects on kraft, sulphite, soda and mechanical pulping, and on packaging, white and tissue papers
Projects have included:
Condenser for evaporators at CHH Tasman
Design for rebuilds of paper machines at Maryvale
Various studies on improvement of properties and/or optimisation of furnish for paper machines
Expert witness reports on projects such as: cause and mitigation of effects of catastrophic failure of machine cylinders, assessment of loss of earnings following a generator failure, evaluation of loss of value of waste paper following floods, cause and consequences of machine glaze roll damage, numerous cases relating to fitness for purpose of paper products
Design of Tantanoola pulp mill and pulp dryer
Multiple projects for KCA including odour removal pilot plant, pitch removal plant, new centrifugal cleaner system, paper machine and converting plant improvements
Turpentine storage system
Wood yard design
Review of pulp mill proposals
Preparation of study on acquisition and redevelopment of a pulp mill.

Area of Expertise

Feasibility and process studies
Audits of plant projects and existing processes
Expert witness services
Process investigation
Waste minimisation
Trouble shooting of process problems
Resource evaluation
Sustainability assessments
Project development
Chemical analysis of feedstocks and products
Investigative chemical studies

Process stages:
Wood yards and chip handling
Washing, screening and cleaning.
Pulp drying
Paper machine stock preparation and approach flow
Paper machines wet end and dry end
Rewinding, wrapping and dispatch
Chemical recovery furnaces
Lime kilns
Water treatment
Odour measurement and control