Pulp and Paper Industry

Covey Consulting provides 10 years of engineering projects for an Australian pulp and tissue mill, including major process upgrades, computer modelling, and hazardous chemicals handling.

Skill set

  • Feasibility, business studies and concept evaluation
  • Process review, assessment, problem solving and advice
  • Retrofit, upgrade and new installation planning
  • Creative and cost effective plant concepts and design
  • Computer modelling – simulations, operations, optimisation
  • Instrumentation systems and specifications
  • Sourcing equipment and components
  • Tendering and tender evaluation
  • Project management – fabrication, construction, installation, commissioning and optimisation
  • Audit and maintenance analysis
  • Quality Assurance and Hazard Assessment
  • Chemical, Mechanical and Environmental engineering skills

Case Studies – Projects at an Australian Pulp and Tissue Mill


Process design for greenfield fibre line
Mechanical and project services for Tissue Machine upgrade


Process and mechanical design for fibre line and pipework, and specifications for instrumentation
Design of hazardous chemical storage areas
Tendering and evaluation for major process equipment
Development of computer models for steam distribution system, dynamicas production planning and process inventory management
Commissioning and plant optimisation and integration with mill systems

Mechanical engineering design for tissue machine upgrade
Estimation, scheduling and tendering
Quality Assurance, site supervision and Cost control of project

Customer Satisfaction

Covey Consulting invited and involved in multiple projects over 10 years, demonstrating the Mill confidence that Covey delivers required outcomes.