Minerals Processing

A trouble-free start up was the result of Covey Consulting’s process design, technical information, and pre-delivery testing advice for a dust scrubber installation.

Skill set

  • Process review, feasibility, assessment and advice
  • Retrofit, upgrade and new installation planning
  • Creative and cost effective process concepts and design
  • Sourcing equipment and components
  • Project management – fabrication, construction, installation and commissioning
  • Audit and maintenance analysis
  • Chemical, Mechanical and Environmental engineering skills

Case Study – Dust Scrubber Design


Design wet scrubbers to remove dust during transfer operations of exotic minerals at a mining development using thermoplastic construction materials.


Based on Covey Consulting’s previous experience with particulate scrubbers, provided process design to a thermoplastics moulding company. The work provided arrangement drawings, scrubber performance data, duty information on pumps and fans (including sizing, models and suppliers), process guarantees, process technical support, and supply of proprietary items.

Scrubbers were installed and complied with all process guarantees. The additional Covey Consulting advice on pre-delivery testing and operating flexibility contributed to a trouble-free start up of the equipment.

Customer Satisfaction

The device performed very well, so well that the user ordered several more shortly after commissioning the first units.