In addition to the specialist areas of bio-products, pulp and paper and mineral processing, Covey Consulting has experience in the design of plants for the manufacture of a range of other industrial chemicals such as calcium hypochlorite, sodium silicate, sodium hypochlorite. We have also worked on unit operations for parts of other processes.

Area of Expertise

Feasibility and process studies
Audits of plant projects and existing processes
Process investigation
Waste minimisation
Trouble shooting of process problems
Unit operations/equipment include:
Heat exchange, including condensers, evaporators and exchangers working near critical point
Packed columns for absorption, stripping and reaction

  • Dust scrubbing
  • Filtration
  • Pelletisation
  • Fluidised bed processing
  • Sedimentation
  • Cyclones
  • Leaching
  • Liquid-liquid extraction
  • Drying
  • Wet Air Oxidation