Selection of Covey Consulting Clients

Confidential Clients

  • Advice, design and costing of de-inking plant processes, chemicals and plant changes.
  • Evaluation of Project Proposals
  • Expert witness on patent infringement cases
  • Expert witness on construction contract cases
  • Feasibility study on new board machine proposal in SE Asia


  • Various environmental projects

 Allens, Arthur Robinson – Lawyers

  • Expert witness services on largest patent dispute in Australia

Aluminates Pty Ltd (Orica)

  • Feasibility and design studies on various chemical manufacturing projects.
  • Study of acid mist control.


  • Design of chemical handling plants

Australian Paper – Maryvale

  • Documentation of various Major Hazard Facility items
  • Improve the operation of the Chlorine Dioxide plant
  • Process design and commissioning of new caustic storage and make-down installation
  • Process design and commissioning of chlorine gas scrubbing facility
  • Modernisation of M3 and M5 paper machines

 Australian Paper − Shoalhaven

  • Commissioning of waste paper plant upgrade.
  • Optimisation of waste plant.
  • Review of finishing operations.
  • Installation of sheeter.
  • Project management of initial PM1 Upgrade review.
  • Soda recovery plant review.
  • Preparation of P&I drawings for whole mill.
  • Design and costing for fine screening of deinked pulp

Australian Pulp and Paper Institute

  • Lectures on chemical recovery in pulp mills.
  • Dynamic simulation of bleach plant chemical dosing and brightness controls

Botanical  Resources Australia

  • Design procure, install and commission of super-critical heat exchangers
  • Design procure, install and commission of solvent-solid extractors
  • Design procure, install and commission of liquid-liquid extractors
  • Feasibility studies on new plants
  • Design procure, install and commission of heat exchangers and evaporators
  • Design procure, install and commission of new clarifier
  • Improvements to boiler operation, boiler fuel supply, hot and warm water supplies
  • General process optimisation and troubleshooting
  • Design procure construct commission Extraction Plant 2
  • A biorefinery design procure construct commission refinery lines 2 and 3

Brookfields Lawyers (Auckland)

  • Expert witness services on contract dispute

Burnie City Council

  • Process review of anaerobic sludge digesters
  • Documentation of test procedures for sewage treatment plants
  • Review of sludge hopper design
  • Optimisation of water treatment plant pH control and manganese removal

Clean Technology Solutions Pty Ltd

  • Joint confidential projects

CSIRO Division of Forestry & Forest Products

  • Design of experimental paper making facility
  • Provision of specialist analytical chemistry services
  • Provision of pulping services

CSIRO Division of Land & Water

  • Feasibility studies and development of chemical manufacturing processes for fertilizer controlled release chemicals

Fibertech Pty Ltd

  • Advice on hardboard dewatering


  • Expert witness advice on contamination of woodchips in ship-loading facility

Gerling Australia Insurance

  • Investigation of a plant incident

Goliath Cement

  • Studies on greenhouse gas offsets
  • Introduction of a new source of gypsum
  • Feasibility study (confidential)

Griffith Hack

  • Provision of expert witness services on a patent opposition

GSPP Sdn Bhd

  • Water system audit

Kimberly-Clark Australia – Millicent

  • Digester Blow Gas Scrubbing – Feasibility and pilot plant design
  • Management of installation phase of a converting project
  • Feasibility study and costing of baled pulp handling and slushing plant
  • Engineering services to paper mill, including tissue machine upgrade, water savings and baled pulp handling facility
  • Determination of sources of colour in effluent

Kimberly-Clark Australia – Tantanoola

  • Consultant process and mechanical engineers on Tantanoola pulp mill project, including process design of fibre line
  • Commissioning followed by plant optimisation
  • Dynamic modelling of steam system
  • Design, installation and commissioning of pitch extraction project
  • Design of pulp dryer
  • Cleaner upgrade
  • Feasibility studies on plant upgrades
  • Investigation and remediation of damage caused by severe water hammer

Limahsoon Sdn Bhd

  • Confidential Process Evaluation

Malaysian Newsprint Industries

  • Audit of Engineering Process

Minter Ellison

  • Provision of expert witness services on very large contract dispute
  • Expert Witness on other contract disputes

Municipality of Ulverstone

  • Test work and preliminary design of clarification system for vegetable processing plant effluent

Nopco Paper Technology Pty. Ltd

  • Confidential Project

Norske Skog (Australasia)

  • Optimisation and performance guarantee trials of Stage 2 of RCF plant (Albury)
  • Various projects relating to odour control and product contamination

NSG Expert Opinion Services

  • Expert witness services in technical performance dispute


  • Design of sulphuric acid plant tail gas scrubber system
  • Plant project management services

Norris Coates

  • Investigation into failure of coating formulations

Oz Minerals

  • Investigate performance and design of new NOx scrubber


  • Library Service

Plastic Fabricators (WA) Pty Ltd

  • Design of orifice scrubbers
  • Design of various items of process equipment


  • Design of novel wool scouring plant


  • Odour analysis


  • Confidential projects

Spooner Hall

  • Expert witness services on contract dispute

Sugar Research Institute

  • Evaluation of novel conversion processes
  • Training course on engineering economic analysis

United Nations Industrial Development Organization

  • Consultant on conversion of straw pulp mill to wood, and on fluidized bed chemical recovery (Syria)

University of Melbourne – Department of Chemical Engineering

  • Process development and design of a new mineral processing method

University of Tasmania

  • Pulp bleaching simulation program

 Victorian EPA

  • Expert witness services on plant incident

Visy Paper – Reservoir, Tumut

  • Optimise operation of waste paper plant
  • Energy usage audit
  • Design of turpentine storage and loading facility

Waste Furnaces Pty Ltd (NZ)

  • Conceptualisation and preliminary design of a system for the recovery of by-product chemicals from a non-tractable waste disposal process


  • Advice on paper machine alterations and project development

Rio Tinto

  • Consultant on process development.
  • Technical audits of proposed plant designs.
  • Several investigations into process refinements.
  • Binder evaluation for pelletising